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   I'm Erin a eleven year old girl with a passion for animals. I am very gentle with animals, I love them and they love me!!!! I would really like to watch your animals very much.  I'm very mature for my age, I will watch your animal with my parents, they have owned tons of animals. Not at the same time, of course, my mom has owned 8 hamsters, 6 dogs, 5 cats, and some other animals I can't remember. I have a room to keep your pets in , or they can sleep in my room or where ever! I live in Kenmore Washington. I may be able to go places if their is a reason. But not very often. I have a big fenced in yard so they can get exercise. Your pet will be treated with care, with a walk each day , feed, and bathed. I will treat them just as I would treat my pets. At the time We have 6 hamsters, 1 dog, and  2 outdoor cats. All these animals are friendly and have  never bitten or shown any sign of aggression. I would hope that your animals are nice to, as I do have those animals, and the youngest we have is a 7 year old. My number is to the right of the screen, or at the contact page. We are a very active family and do do lots of activities, we will worn you if were going camping or some other thing, I have a friend (older than me) to watch your animals if we were to be gone. The picture below is of me and my hamsters.