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About Erin's Pet Palace

After my 1 year old dog Mushu ran away I really just wanted to surround myself with animals! I got a hamster, and I opened Erin's Pet Palace! He was my inspiration. I am very gentle with animals. I am eleven, but act older. I play select soccer on saturdays, the times change. And have school from 9-3:30. All my extra time goes to animals. My mom has volunteered to foster animals and I have helped.

My pets right now

Right now i have a few pets. I own a hamster, both my little sisters ( ages 7-8) do to their hamsters had 7 little babies, we kept three. We have a family dog, 2 cats we love so much!!!!!

My Family's History With Pets

  • I have owned 2 cats. But my mom has owned like 5.
  • I two a hamsters, and so do my sisters. My mom has owned like 8 of her own .
  • I have owned 4 dogs (2 big dogs.) My mom has owned like 6.